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Trendy Breakfast Restaurants in Beijing

Trendy Breakfast Restaurants in Beijing

The scene in a movie named Tiffany’s Breakfast that Audrey Hepburn was gracefully eating croissant while drinking coffee may be still fresh in memory.



Mischief in Heaven
  • Touring Huairou's Nature Beauty

    Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area is an exceptional resort in suburban Beijing, boasting the places of interest like the Great Wall, ancient caves, mountains and rivers, springs, waterfalls, and stone inscriptions carved in the Ming Dynasty.

  • Nanhaizi Elk Park

    Covering an area of over 60 hectare, Nanhaizi Elk Park is the first natural reserve for free-ranging elks in China, offering marshes, grassland, ponds, and forest. Originated in China, elk was discovered by priest David of France in 1865.

  • Farm Stays in Suburban Beijing

    When it comes to picking fruit and fishing in rural tourism, Xiedao Resort must be the first choice, which is a perfect place for entertainment in Beijing with complete facilities and graceful environment.

Beijing to train 100,000 Winter Olympics technicians

Beijing to train 100,000 Winter Olympics technicians

Beijing 2022 could have global impact on Paralympic movement

The Beijing 2022 organizing committee's third project review conducted by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) ended on Wednesday.

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